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YUKIMORI is a top fashion brand based in Tokyo, Japan which specializes in luxury, vegan fur and leather clothing items. Top Pro heroes Hawks, Mirko, and Ryukyu team up with UA heroes-in-training Tailman and Lizardy to model this winter's newest collection. 


An 11"x17" print of Ryukyu, Mirko, Hawks, Ojiro Mashirao, and Tokage Setsuna as they appear in ARISE: a MHA Fashion zine, winter edition.


  • Printed on semi-gloss 100# text stock.
  • Shipped in a cardboard poster tube.

11x17" Poster✩MHA Arise: Yukimori

  • When purchasing posters, please place a separate order for other large items, such as Mini Prints, Medium Prints, and Books for ease of shipment. We ship all our posters (11"x17" and larger) rolled up in 12x3x3inch cardboard poster tubes, which is not ideal for our other large products. Mini Prints, Medium Prints, and Books are shipped in flat, padded or reinforced envelopes to ensure nothing gets damaged or bent. Separating your order is the best way to ensure that all your items arrive in the best condition

    Failure to do so, and we will combine all prints into the poster tube, but we no can no longer guarantee that all your products will come undamaged or not bent. It may also result in an additional fee to cover handling and shipping costs. 

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