✩ Frequently Asked Questions ​✩

✩ I seemed to have only received a part of my order. Where is the rest of my order?

If you order posters AND mini prints, we must separate the two items to ensure that your posters and mini prints arrive undamaged. We ship all our posters (11"x17" prints) rolled up in 12x3x3inch poster tubes, which is not ideal for our mini prints. Likewise, our mini prints are shipped in stay flat envelopes, which is not practical for poster size prints. All parts of your order are shipped at the same time so everything should arrive at roughly the same time. We are currently looking up ways to best combine orders such as this so until then, please keep a look out for two packages from us if this applies to you.

​✩ My address has changed, what should I do?

In the case that your order has not yet shipped out (such as your order containing a pre order item), please contact us ASAP via our Contact page with your order number and your change of address.

​​✩ I placed my order a while ago and I still haven't received it?

Our processing time is one to two weeks, so please allow us that time to process and ship your order. Normally it shouldn't take that long however in times of convention prep, or a mass amount of orders to process we may need that time to buffer between orders. However, please check the front page for any updates such as order delays, or the item that you purchased in case the item is actually a preorder item.

​​✩ I can't seem to be able to add items to my cart, and the website says that the "store is not accepting payments." What does this mean?

When you attempt to make a purchase and a message pops up that the store isn't accepting payments, this means that the store is currently closed, or on "vacation mode." During this time the admins are unable to process orders until they have more time to do so, or we are simply taking a break. Placing the store on vacation mode allows you to view our current stock of items while also giving us a break from taking orders. Please check Lowah's twitter page for immediate updates to the store!

✩ I'm currently waiting for my order to ship, but I want to add to my order. Am I able to combine a new order with an old one?

Yes, in times when multiple pre-order items are being released during the same general period, it is possible to combine an old order with a new one. If you are currently waiting on an order (in the case of a pre-order) and would like to add to that order, use the coupon code FORMVOLTRON during checkout and include the order number of your previous order in the notes section. Please note that you must include the order number of the old order otherwise you will not be able to combine the shipping. If you use the coupon code incorrectly, cancellation will occur.